Ashley Greene from Twilight loses dog in apartment fire

Ashley Greene from Twilight apartment burst in Flames and dog dies

Twilight star, her boyfriend and her brother were asleep when a fire broke out in their living room. Three people were treated for smoke inhalation, according to KTLA.

Greene’s two dogs were trapped inside. After the trio exited the apartment, the men returned to rescue Greene’s two dogs who were trapped inside. Sadly, one pup didn’t make it out safely.

The incident triggered a huge emergency response. As many as 55 firefighters worked to put out the ragging flames.

According to witness, 10 ambulances were seen parked along the street.

Los Angeles Fire Department Inspector confirmed reports that the crew members were dispatched at 9:50 A.M. “We made an aggressive fire attack. Our team saw smoke and fire coming from the third floor,” he told RadarOnline. “We have reports of two patrons that were burned, so they were treated by the paramedics and sent to the hospital.”

As it turns out, a candle was the culprit of the big blaze that wrecked the star’s condo and took the life of her dog.

Residents of the building say it was built in 1929 and was home to several movie stars, including Mickey Rourke, David Bowie and Rock Hudson.

An eyewitness described the incident as being like a scene from a disaster movie. “All of a sudden police rushed to close the street, blocking both ends. Then fire trucks started roaring down the street,” Sam Nolan told MailOnline. “All you could see was black smoke… It was like a disaster film, I thought I’d become part of a Day After Tomorrow.”

One dog died at the scene of the fire. After bringing the fire under control by 10:07 A.M. PST, the firefighters found the dead pet under the actress’ bed. The other dog was later rescued and rushed to Animal Control.

Greene is by no means the first person to make a candle mistake, but the devastation the fire caused to her home and her pets has devastated the actress.

Greene’s condo is located in a large building with other residents, and at the time of this report, three other people in Greene’s building were found to be injured due to the fire. The three people suffered minor injuries, but refused to be hospitalized. Incidents like this should really serve to be a reminder that candles should not be left burning under any circumstances. Luckily, no human lives were taken because of the fire, and our condolences go out to the actress who lost one of her beloved dogs and anyone else whose life was touched by the fire.

Celebrity fires have taken down some beautiful homes and put some beautiful families in danger. Country singer Trace Adkins lost his home to a fire in 2011, and is now fighting for the Red Cross on Celebrity Apprentice to help pay it forward since the charity took his family in during their emergency.

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