Bachmann Investigated By Office of Congressional Ethics

Bachmann Investigated By Office of Congressional Ethics

Federal investigators are interviewing former staff members of Michelle Bachmann, (Rep., Minn.), who worked on her presidential campaign in 2012.  No formal accusations have been made.

The investigation apparently is the result of complaints filed by former campaign staffer Peter Waldron.  He alleges violations by her campaign committee as well as her independent political action committee, MichelePAC.  According to Waldron, the congresswoman’s campaign improperly used funds from the super PAC to pay a fundraising consultant ahead of the 2012 Iowa caucuses.

“There are no allegations that the congresswoman engaged in any wrongdoing,” campaign lawyer William McGinley told in a statement.

“We are constructively engaged with the OCE and are confident that at the end of their review the OCE board will conclude that Congresswoman Bachmann did not do anything inappropriate,” he said.

Waldron confirms he has been questioned by the OCE.  Unnamed others say they have also been questioned.

Other allegations claim that Bachmann’s one time Iowa campaign chair, state Sen. Kent Sorenson, received money “under the table” for his support.  His position makes it illegal for him to receive compensation.

During her campaign her staff continually changed.  In the days before the Iowa caucuses, Sorenson left to assist Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Democrats have been eyeing Bachmann’s seat for some time.  Jim Graves, who was outspent 12-1 by Bachmann’s campaign lost to her by the slimmest of margins.  He is considering another run, and the DNC has promised more support if he chooses to do so.

The OCE would not confirm or deny the investigation, first reported by the Daily Beast.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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