Bush-whacked Enough?

Bush-whacked Enough?

Haven’t We Been “Bush-whacked” Enough?

If “Jeb”, the former governor of Florida decides to make a run for the Presidency in 2016, I think he needs a new last name.

His father was known as the “I don’t know where I want to go” President, so no one wanted to follow him and he served only one term.

His brother was bar far the worst President in our history.  He lied to the American people, invaded two sovereign countries, and bankrupted the nation.

The name Bush would not be received well by voters.  Maybe he should use the surname “Clampett”.  Everyone loved Buddy Ebsen in the “Beverly Hillbillies”.  A name such as Jeb Clampett would bring good memories instead of bad.  (I know his name was ‘Jed’ Clampett on the television show, but it sounds the same.)

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not inferring that I have any reason to dislike Jeb Bush.  I have always believed he was the most intelligent member of his family.  The problem is, he is a member of that family.

I do believe he has the same problem as the rest of his party.  His focus appears to be on one thing, and in his case it’s comprehensive immigration.

I am strongly in favor of immigration reform, but that is only one issue.  I understand that because Republicans lost almost the entire Hispanic vote in November, they are concerned.  Hispanics are the fastest growing minorities in the United States.

The problem that the GOP fails to address is that they have alienated themselves to women, and are increasing the numbers of independent voters who vote Democratic as they continue to ignore the problems of the working class, and support special interests.

Then there is the poll that was released today showing that Hillary Clinton, should she choose to run in 2016, would be hard to beat.  In his own party Chris Christie and Marco Rubio are less extreme than other possible candidates, and are in favor with most Republican voters.

Three and one half years is a long way away.  But keeping your name in the public eye is important today.  Rand Paul proved that yesterday when he filibustered the Senate.  His purpose was to grandstand and have his picture in as many publications as possible.  He succeeded.

I’m still waiting for a viable, female candidate to emerge from the right side of the aisle.  Republicans desperately need a strong woman in their party.  The men are doing a very poor job.  But please, let her be intelligent and highly qualified.  We don’t need another “Caribou Barbie”, or Michelle “crazy eyes” Bachmann.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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