CCRP and Paul Ryan’s Budget Passes Plus Mike Huckabee for President












Last night the Republicans gathered at the Silverton Casino in the Veil Ballroom for the Clark County Republican Central Committee meeting that started with a presentation on the NDAA. The NDAA is the National Defense Authorization Act which is voted on every year without incident until 2012. That is the year the Democrats tried to sneak in a domestic terrorist list the President can kill without due process or trial. The biggest problem aside from the obvious is the definition of a domestic terrorist. Christians, Conservatives, and anyone else who disagrees with the President. The Democrats have no problem if Obama used a drone to take out a group of Republicans on a bus to a Republican convention. Be careful what you wish for because there will be a Republican President who would have those same powers and something tells me Democrats will have a big problem with it then. So we go another year under the hope that Obama will choose not to kill us.

The meeting then started at 7:30 pm with the ovation and pledge to the flag followed by adoption of the agenda. The election for the Executive Board was cancelled since there were only 1 Candidate running from each district. The candidates running for city council in Henderson and Las Vegas asked for support and mayoral candidates for Henderson spoke of corruption and inflated salaries of city employees. There were speakers who spoke of the need for more elected Sheriffs as apposed to appointed ones. A former Sheriff spoke of the need for Sheriffs all over America to protect the 2nd Amendment for their citizens.

Breaking news as I write this commentary, Paul Ryan’s budget passed the House but the Senate will kill it.

Finally some good news concerning the Fair Tax Act, Mike Huckabee will be running for President and he favors the Fair Tax. Mike cannot come out and announce because he has a show on Fox News every Saturday night at 8pm Eastern. Once you hear he is leaving Fox News or on an extended vacation, that is when he will announce.