Chinese government denounces hack attacks from the US

Chinese government denounces hack attacks from the USAfter the information revealed last week by the U.S. computer security firm Mandiant, now is the Chinese government that denounces the attacks from the United States against their websites.

Hackers attacked two Chinese websites in an average of 144,000 times per month during the past year, and nearly two-thirds of those offensive originated in the United States, said Thursday China’s military.

The statement by the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Geng Yansheng, follows the indictments issued last week by the U.S. computer security firm Mandiant, which backed cyber spies said the Chinese military infiltrated networks abroad and stole huge amounts of business data and other U.S. entities.

China rejected the allegations, and said military activity has never supported any of the hackers, but that did not stop the tension between the two countries.

Geng told reporters during a monthly press conference, which came from the United States an average of 62.9% of the attacks on the official website of the Ministry on the Internet and from your Journal page People’s Liberation Army.

“Like other countries, China faces a serious threat by hackers, and is one of the main victims of these in the world,” said Geng. “The number of attacks has increased in recent years.”

Geng Mandiant questioned the report, which blamed the offensive computing 61398 Unit of PLA, based in Shanghai. He considered that the report “was not professional nor stuck to the facts.”

He also criticized the U.S. military cibermando for impeding international efforts that seek to control the cybersquatting.

The report was praised Mandiant several computer security professionals, interviewed by The Associated Press, who said it provided the most detailed picture of cybersquatting acts sponsored by the Chinese state.

The U.S. government presented a comprehensive strategy to fight industrial cyber espionage cyber attacks against the country that violate property rights and business secrets.

The U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder, said yesterday at the White House strategy to “combat the theft of trade secrets” by foreign actors, shortly after the wave of attacks blamed on China against technology companies and media.

Holder said there are foreign countries and entities “who want to take advantage of the high levels of innovation and investment” and recalled that U.S. via Internet “in China a hacker can steal secrets in Virginia” worth millions of dollars “while his desk. “

The new strategy will strengthen international cooperation and federal agencies to prevent attempts to steal trade secrets and considers also enforce restrictions on products and services derived from this type of theft.

According to Deputy Secretary of Economic Growth of the State Department, Robert Hormats, this plan will strengthen diplomatic action “clear signal” to other nations to prevent the theft of secrets is the “priority” of the U.S..

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