CPAC: A Waste of Time and Money

 CPAC: A Waste of Time and MoneyCPAC:  A Waste of Time and Money

The Conservative Political Action Congress, or CPAC, is finishing up in Maryland.  So what did they accomplish?  Absolutely nothing.

We were already aware that Rubio, Bush, and Paul would begin their campaigns.  This wasn’t news.

We saw obstructionist right-wingers spew the same old, losing Republican philosophy.  We witnessed avoidance of any new ideas.  That wasn’t new.

We saw the exclusion of Republicans who refused to walk a completely straight line and adhere to their extremist policies.

We witnessed them dredging up tired and sad “has-beens” such as Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Michelle Bachman, and “Caribou Barbie”.  No surprise here, they have nothing else to offer.

And we heard them all bash President Obama for his ideas and efforts to improve our nation.  Nothing was new about that either.

What we didn’t hear is one single new and positive idea.  Not a single speaker uttered a thought, statement or idea that hasn’t been heard over and over again.

I forgot!  There was an exception.  Something new did happen.

Continuing to show an ever-growing division within the Republican Party, there was some “Carl Rove” bashing.  The architect of the Bush White House was ridiculed by Palin.

This was more than the “pot calling the kettle black”; this was pure hypocrisy.

No one in the political realm has more reason to be laughed at or ridiculed than the former half-governor of Alaska.

This former beauty queen is unqualified to lead a Girl Scout troop, but was mistakenly chosen by a senile old man to be his running mate and therefore a candidate for vice-president.  He is to blame for giving her a stage on which she is allowed to make a fool of herself for her “cutsie” and “folksy” so-called witticisms.  She continues to be an embarrassment to our country.

My grandfather always told me, “if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t say anything”.

I might offer the same advice “Caribou Barbie”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express