Defense Cuts Let’s Close Unnecessary Bases Around the World

Defense Cuts Let’s Close Unnecessary Bases Around the World

Defense Cuts:  Let’s Close Unnecessary Bases Around the World

The United States needs to learn a lesson from our British friends.  Some 20,000 British troops have been stationed in Germany for nearly 70 years.  Claro Barracks in North Yorkshire, Howe in Canterbury, Craigiehall in Edinburgh and Cawdor in Brawdy will be shut.

Parts of Edinburgh’s Redford, Forthside in Stirling and Copthorne in Shrewsbury will also close.

4,000 troops have already returned home, and by 2020 all 20,000 and their families will have returned, according to Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

So, I ask the question, why do we continue to have multiple bases in Germany, Japan, France, Italy, and Great Britain?  We presently have military in 150 countries around the world.  In many of those countries we have as many as 20 bases.

I am only one of many Americans who feel our defense budget is bloated.  Of course none of us are Republicans.  Leaving unnecessary bases in countries friendly to the United States would result in billions of dollars saved in the federal budget.

Many of these bases served a presumed need during the “cold war”.  It’s over, but our Defense Department, and our government, haven’t noticed that yet.

Yes, our government wastes money.  Yes, the need for decreased spending is a must.  But, how we do it is the most important factor.  We cannot cut necessary expenditures that affect the daily lives of the working class.

Asking our government to act intelligently may be asking a lot.  But those of us who work for a living have to do it every day.  We have to eliminate unnecessary expenses so we can afford necessities.  Shouldn’t the government act in the same way.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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