Ellen DeGeneres Visits Australia, and Learns the Lingo Down Under

Ellen DeGeneres asked Sydney – siders not to que at 6am on her behalf

Ellen DeGeneres has wasted no time seeing two of Sydney’s iconic sights on her first day in Australia.

After touching down to a frenzy of media and adoring fans, the US talk show host checked into her city hotel before heading – where else? – to Taronga Zoo.

Hundreds of fans gathered around her like a swarm of honey bees, as she walked along Circular Quay, before boarding a ferry for the short trip across the stunning Sydney Harbour, where the famous Sydney Ohttp://guardianlv.com/2013/03/ellen-degeneres-does-australia-and-learns-the-lingo-down-underpera House sits.

DeGeneres, who had no official engagements on Friday, posted a photo of herself on Instagram looking at two koalas.

And it seems she is already learning the lingo for ordering an Australian coffee.

‘I’m already learning Australian,’ she tweeted. ‘For coffee you can get a flat white, a long black or a bad bad Leroy Brown. Okay, maybe not the last one.’

She also revealed the news her fans had most been waiting for – the time and place of her first official public appearance.

‘All right Sydneysiders, tomorrow’s on! Come to the Opera on the Harbour at the Fleet Steps. The fun starts at noon.’

But she asked fans not to start lining up before 6am, which might prove a big ask judging by the excitement her first day in town generated.

Earlier, after touching down in Sydney, DeGeneres announced she was so happy that she could ‘kiss the ground’.

On a trademark Sydney morning of spectacular sunshine, the 55-year-old looked happy, healthy and rested as she walked hand-in-hand with her Australian wife Portia de Rossi through the international airport terminal, stopping briefly to greet fans.

The two celebrities looked casual in jeans, with matching blonde crops, as they emerged into the Sydney sunshine.

‘I’m feeling so much better,’ she told the Nine Network, ‘I’d kiss the ground… it’s great to be here.’

When asked what she was most looking forward to about her six-day trip, she replied, ‘this would be enough for me but I can’t wait to see everything’.

DeGeneres and de Rossi, flanked by a hub of security, were then whisked off in a waiting limo.

In a clever, upside-down tweet posted just after 9am, the Emmy-winning chat show host announced to fans that she had ‘made it to australia’ – her first trip Down Under.

DeGeneres and her crew are expected to shoot a series of postcard-style segments for the top-rating Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but the exact agenda for her trip has been kept under wraps, apart from the Saturday noon appearance.

DeGeneres and Rossi, who grew up in Geelong, will then head to Melbourne on Monday for two days.

Before her journey on the plane, which had been temporarily renamed The Ellen DeGeneres Show Express by sponsor Qantas, the US personality tweeted that she had been preparing for her trip by watching a documentary.

‘Okay, I’m watching Crocodile Dundee, but I’m learning so much,’ she joked.

She also revealed how she planned to spent the 14-hour journey.

‘Got some yarn for my flight. I’m gonna knit Kate Middleton’s baby some booties and a tiny, tiny crown.’

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