Elvis Dumervil Still Homeless after he was fired on Saturday

Still Homeless

Outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil wanted to stay with the Denver Broncos.  He had verbally agreed to terms, but his agent, Marty Magid failed to fax in the paperwork on time and was seven minutes late for the league’s deadline.  Magid was fired Saturday.

When the deadline passed, the Broncos were forced to release him.  They had agreed to pay him 8 million dollars next season, but the terms of his contract called for 12 million.  The salary cap prevented the latter amount.

Reports about the possibilities of Dumervil’s future are conflicting.  The Ravens have apparently made him an offer, the terms are undisclosed.

A statement by Denver GM John Elway said; “We’ve offered Elvis a contract,” Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway said Tuesday. “We’d like to have Elvis back.”

But an insider claims the offer is below the one previously tended to Dumervil.  He was second in sacks for the Broncos last season with 11, only slightly behind Von Miller.  In 2009 he had 17.  He is 29 years old, “primetime” for a linebacker.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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