Guns Purchased “Legally” in Reno Sold to Sacramento Gang

“Bizarre Guitar”

Guns Purchased “Legally” in Reno Sold to Sacramento Gang

“Background checks on law-abiding citizens won’t help.”  That’s the NRA lobby’s position.  As usual they’re not wrong, they’re lying .

“Bizarre Guitar” doesn’t sound like a name for a gun shop.  It’s actually one big building which is separated by a wall.  One half is a music store, the other half sells firearms and ammunition.  It is located just outside of downtown Reno in Sparks.  One of my own guitars was purchased from them.

Dejon Andrade, 27, used a bogus Las Vegas driver’s license to buy eight pistols and an assault weapon from Bizarre Guitars.  The purchases were made between Nov. 4 to Jan. 25.  At the time of the last purchase, an employee at the gun store called the Reno office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to report Andrade’s suspicious purchases.

The Reno ATF office called the Sacramento office, and Andrade was arrested Tuesday.  He is facing several charges for illegally purchasing nine guns in Reno, at least one of which he sold to a gang member near Sacramento.  He is facing federal charges of selling guns without a license and transporting firearms to another state, according to court records released Wednesday.

Andrade later admitted to police that he lied on ATF forms used for firearms purchases by claiming he lived in Nevada.

It’s all too easy.  Most states have nothing more than superficial requirements for gun buyers.  It’s another case of profit first, the law second.

I commend the “Bizarre Guitar” employee for his vigilance and actions.  But he is the exception, not the rule.

Reno has gun shows in one or more of the casino banquet halls every year.  Over half of those in attendance come from California.  I have witnessed virtually every type of weapon made for sale.  When I worked in the casinos I was told by some of the “guests” that there were other weapons available for sale “by request”.

Just as the phrase “war is good business” signifies money first, the value of human life second, so does the virtual unrestricted sale of weapons of mass destruction.

Assault weapons with high output magazines are weapons produced to kill.  They belong in the hands of our military and law enforcement only.  They have no purpose for the average citizen other than to boost their ego.

Andrade was captured.  But his case makes me wonder how many others across the country are following the same illegal practice.  If there’s money in it, someone will try it.

Yesterday Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado signed tougher gun ordinance.  The law involves more extensive background checks, a limit of 15 rounds for magazines, and it requires the would-be purchaser to pay for the cost of researching his background.

Make no mistake about it, the reluctance of our government to side with innocent men, women, and children on the issue of gun safety is all about money.  It has nothing to do with the overly used second amendment.

No one is attempting to take away guns from law abiding citizens. Reasonable gun control is about freedom and safety for everyone.  The debate should not be about a few crazies whose reputation and manhood is based on the size of their guns.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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