Judge Judy Being sued over China

Judge Judy
Judge Judy

By Dawn Cranfield

Judge Judy Being sued over China

America’s favorite diminutive judge, Judge Judy Sheindlin, is being sued by Patrice Jones for $500,000 worth of china and flatware.  Jones is the ex-wife of Randy Douthit, producer of Sheindlin’s hit reality court television show.

Jones claims Douthit and Sheindlin conspired to sell the former couple’s china and flatware for a mere $50,000 instead of the $500,000 it was worth.  The twisted plot of the lawsuit could be one in which Sheindlin typically presides, except for the escalated value of the case.

According to the star-stalkers, TMZ, they acquired divorce papers documenting Douthits’s and Jones’ divorce listing the items in question stating they were purchased in 2003 for approximately $100,000.  “The divorce judge (who is not Judge Judy) values the items at $125,000 and plans to order Douthit to pay Patrice half that amount in the divorce proceedings.” (blog.zap2it)

Judge Judy who regularly dishes out sage advice on her show and her books such as “Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining” lawsuitsays of Jones, “If this 50-year-old woman would spend her time more productively at trying to find a job, instead of abusing the judicial system with frivolous lawsuits, we would all be a lot better off.” (blog.zap2it)

The judge in the lawsuit has been less than impressed with Jones as well, saying she has “lacked integrity” and “is being untruthful”. (blog.zap2it)

This is just another example of the abuse of our judicial system; nobody is exempt.




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