Justin Bieber Looking for Sympathy?

Justin Bieber Looking for Sympathy?

Was Bieber Looking for Sympathy?

A couple of days ago, Justin Bieber was two hours late for the start of a concert in London.  Most fans were furious.  The young women and men in his audience are teens and pre-teens.  Some parents took their children and left before the concert began, and others complained that it extended “way beyond their bedtime”.  Tickets were around 150 dollars apiece.

Later that evening, he was celebrating his 19th birthday with his “entourage” at a popular London club.  For some reason he decided not to wear a shirt as he paraded around London.  Arriving at the club, security made the decision that some of the group was underage and told them to leave.  Bieber tweeted; “worst birthday ever”.

Last night during his concert, Bieber complained of shortness of breath.  Back stage EMT’s treated him with oxygen, and made the decision that he was in no danger.  Bieber had a representative tell the audience he would finish.  The crowd loudly applauded.

He spent the night in the hospital and was released early in the morning.  His health was reported as “fine”, and although he says he’s feeling “a little under the weather”, he plans to perform Friday evening.

Let’s look at the whole picture.  We’ve seen these types of things before.  Youth and too much money and fame sometimes create a “spoiled child”.  Lindsay Lohan comes to mind.

So, did he honestly have a problem, or was it a ploy for sympathy to counteract the bad press he was receiving?

I raised a teenage boy.  I saw him at his best and worst.  There were plenty of both.  I believe it’s simply a matter of him growing up and taking responsibility for his own actions.  If you make a mistake, learn from it, face it head on.  A man is not measured by age, but by the way he behaves towards others, and the respect he demonstrates for them.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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