Miranda Kerr supermodel suffers neck injury after car accident

Miranda Kerr supermodel suffers neck injury after car accidentMiranda Kerr has reportedly been involved in a serious car accident that has left her with neck injuries. Kerr was reportedly rushed to hospital in a neck-brace – undergoing scans once there to see if she had sustained any permanent injury from the accident.

“She is in a lot of pain, but really we are just glad it was not more serious,” said the statement to an Australian news website. Her rep told TMZ. The rep said Kerr was in “a lot of pain” but grateful the accident did not result in more serious injuries.

Miranda was travelling in the car with an assistant when another vehicle reportedly rammed into them while on the highway.

According to news reports, another car smashed into Kerr’s while she was in the vehicle with her assistant—her young son (with Orlando Bloom), Flynn, was not in the car at the time.

Luckily her young son Flynn wasn’t travelling with the model at the time.
Kerr’s spokeswoman Annie Kelly has revealed that Miranda is ”thankful that her baby boy Flynn was not in the car with her.”
”She is in a lot of pain but really, we are just glad that it was not more serious.”
The driver of the other car has been arrested and is expected to be charged by the LA police.
A picture of Miranda in a neck brace has since appeared on E! News – though neither Kerr nor husband Orlando Bloom have taken to twitter to comment on the accident.

The accident isn’t expected to interrupt Miranda’s upcoming Australian commitments next month (April) – when the model is due to return to Sydney for the launch of the new Qantas uniforms.

The driver of the other car has reportedly been arrested.

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