Rand Paul panders to United States Hispanic Chamber

Paul criticizes own party for "harsh rhetoric over immigration"

Rand Paul mad a campaign to the United States Hispanic Chamber

The Campaign Has Begun

Rand Paul made a campaign speech today to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gathered for sessions in Washington.  We never know if he is saying what he really means, or if he is pandering to his audience.

He claims to be in direct opposition to some of his fellow “TEA Partiers” when he says we should not deport the 12 million or so immigrants who came to the United States illegally.  We know he’s seen the numbers, and today is has a chance to win over at least a part of our society previously ignored by Republicans.  But, is he simply giving lip service to placate his audience, or does he have intentions of working with Democrats and the President to accomplish effective and fair immigration policy?

“I lived, worked, played and grew up alongside Latinos,” the Kentucky senator said, recalling his Texas upbringing. “As a teenager I worked alongside immigrants mowing lawns and putting in landscaping around businesses.”

“At a young age, I came to understand that it makes a difference whether you are a documented immigrant or an undocumented immigrant, which the existence was not easy for the undocumented but that opportunity in America somehow trumped even the poor living conditions and low pay.”

Paul criticized his own party for what he called “harsh rhetoric over immigration” that has “obscured our respect and admiration for immigrants and their contribution to America.”

“Republicans have been losing both the respect and votes of a group of people who already identify with many of our beliefs in family and faith, and conservative values,” Paul said.

Following his attempt to bond with his audience, he laid out his proposals.

“It’s absolutely vital for both the success of our immigration policy and for the purposes of national security that we do secure our borders,” Paul said. “Not to stop most immigrants from coming – we welcome them and in fact should seek to increase legal immigration.”

He believes congress should verify steps taken to secure our borders from illegal immigration by the border patrol.

He then stated that our country should find a place for the 12 million who are already inside our borders.

If you wish to work, if you wish to live and work in America, then we will find a place for you,” Paul said.

His plan would provide work visas for the undocumented, with a Congressional panel determining how many visas would be given each year.

In a recent column for the Washington Times, Paul suggested normalizing about 2 million undocumented citizens per year.

“I would start with Dream Act kids, children brought here illegally as minors. Normalization would get them a temporary Visa but would not put them ahead of anyone already waiting to enter the country. These undocumented persons would now be documented but they would still have to wait in line like everyone else. But their path to permanent legal status would be no faster than those currently waiting in line,” Paul wrote.

Other TEA Party members have accused him of seeking amnesty for these 12 million men, women, and children, which could be problematic in the Republican primaries in 2016.

“Conservatives, myself included, are wary of amnesty. In fact, if you read the news already, I’m already being accused of it – and I haven’t even given my speech yet,” the senator said. “Amnesty is kind of who wants to make up the definition. But I’d say, what we have now is de facto amnesty.”

Paul continued: “The solution doesn’t have to be amnesty or deportation. Maybe there’s a middle ground that we call probation where those who came illegally – who did break the law, have a period that they have to go through called a probationary period. My plan will not, though – this is where I disagree with some in the bipartisan plan – will not impose a national ID card. It will also not have mandatory e-Verify. I don’t mind if there’s e-Verify that’s maybe related to the tax code somehow. But I don’t like the idea of making every business owner a policeman.”

Here’s where I have a very large problem with his ideas.

Business must take responsibility for who they hire.  They are not asked to become policemen, just to be accountable for good business practices.  No one should be given a job without a check of their prior work experience, and proof of citizenship.

I agree with most who write political columns and articles.  The campaign for the next Presidential election begins the day after Election Day.  Today, added to his public relations stunt on the floor of the Senate, prove that he is gearing up quickly.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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