Robert Guerrero arrested for illegal gun possession at JFK Airport

Floyd Mayweather Opponent Guerrero has a “squeaky clean” reputation.

MayweatherWill Mayweather Have a Fight on May 4th?

Boxing fans are always anxious for another Floyd Mayweather Jr. match.  He carefully decides who, where, and when he will fight.

A match is scheduled between Mayweather and Robert Guerrero in the Grand Garden of the MGM in Las Vegas on May 4th.  Now there is a possibility that it may not happen.

While attending media events to promote the event all over the nation, he apparently forgot that we have laws regarding air travel.  Attempting to board a flight out of New York’s JFK airport today, Thursday, he was arrested for carrying a handgun.  It was not loaded.

Guerrero has a “squeaky clean” reputation.  This may tarnish it some, but he will still wear a white hat.  He is known as a “humble” man and one of the sport’s “nice guys”.

It is doubtful that his arrest will result in the cancellation of the May 4th bout.

Tuesday, Guerrero had been on the “700 Club”, a Christian network.  He and his wife Casey relayed their story of her life-threatening illness and how his “faith” got him through it.

He was in New York to meet with local media.  His manager, Luis DeCubas Jr., was said to have been with him when he attempted to board the flight, but has been unavailable for comment.

The gun was said to be both a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun and a .9mm weapon.  Neither has been confirmed.  What has been stipulated is that he had no ammunition on his person.

I want to know, “what was he thinking”?  Unless one lives in a cave the least intelligent thing that could be done, was.  His “good guy” image may have a smudge on it, but his intelligence has a big, black mark.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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