Steven Brooks Ousted From Nevada State Assembly

Steven Brooks Ousted From Nevada State Assembly las vegas

In an historic vote in the state of Nevada, Steven Brooks, (D) from North Las Vegas, has been removed from his seat in the Assembly.

You had to feel a certain empathy for him as you watched him walk into the Nevada Assembly in Carson City.  He’s a nice-looking man, small in stature with a friendly smile, wearing a suit two sizes too large for him.  He appeared as harmless as a backyard tortoise.

It all began with an arrest for alleged domestic violence and resisting arrest.  Then there was a reported threat to Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick.  From there it escalated into another arrest, and an involuntary psychiatric evaluation, an attempt to buy a high-powered rifle and a string of erratic outbursts.

The Nevada State Assembly decided to take action for the safety concerns of the governing body.  They had closed door meetings on March 27th.  On Thursday, the 28th, they held a vote by the entire Assembly.  A two thirds vote was needed to remove Brooks from his elected positon.

A majority of “yays” sounded in the chamber after several speeches, some tearful, on the reasons to expel him. Only a handful of “nays” were heard. A crying Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick then declared Brooks’ seat vacant.

The majority opinion was voiced by Assembly Majority Leader William Horne who simply said they didn’t feel safe with him on the floor.

In a confirming display of why the Assembly felt uncomfortable with his presence, Brooks, after hearing about the decision made a 45 second call to the Las Vegas Sun.

“You tell those sons of bitches they are going to have to look me in the eye when they try to kill a crazy man again,” Brooks said, adding that he was on his way to the Legislature. “I have never been crazy, but they are trying to drive me that way. They are all going to jail. I got all their secrets. If they put one finger on me, they are going to jail for five years. I am going to commit a Legal 2000 on William Horne as soon as I get there.”

“How dare they?” Brooks told The Associated Press in a separate phone call immediately after the vote. “I’ve been convicted of nothing … They won’t let me testify at the Grant Sawyer Building, and they sent 100 police officers to arrest me.

“Let me ask you, how can they do that?” he added.

His lawyer, Mitchell Posin, said he was “disappointed” and surprised, “especially because I was recently told it wasn’t going to be heard today.”

Compassion for Brooks was delivered by one Assemblywoman, Dina Neal, D-North Las Vegas.  She expressed concern that there was a growing paranoia over Brooks’ obvious mental instability.  She was accused by some Republicans of supporting Brooks because they were both African American.

There is no doubt that Mr. Brooks has personal, and probably psychological problems.  But the questions will go on as to the decision to remove him from a seat on the Assembly mandated by his electoral district.

I doubt this will be the end of the story.  I hope that there will not be any incident of violence involved by or against the Assembly or Mr. Brooks.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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