Update: Tacoma shooter barricaded inside home with weapons Live Stream

Tacoma Washington neighborhood

A man known to have mental health problems, and believed to be intoxicated, walked through a Tacoma Washington neighborhood firing his weapons indiscriminately, and is now holed up inside a residence.

He is believed to have four high-powered assault type weapons.  There is no report of anyone being injured.

It is unknown if anyone else is in the residence.  Residents around the home were evacuated.  Those who decided to stay were asked to remain inside.

Police say they received more than a dozen 911 calls.

He has refused to come out or put down his weapons.  A SWAT team has been called in.

Police have told the news services not to attempt to cover the scene with helicopters because his weapons are powerful enough to hit them.

“This is a very dangerous situation for citizens in the area and first responders,” says the sheriff’s office.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

Tacoma Gunman Barricaded inside home with weapons SWAT Team

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