Television and the PGA are Concerned.

Television and the PGA are Concerned.

Television and the PGA are Concerned.

Today is the third day of the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  If you look at the first page of the leader-board  two prominent names are missing.  Number 1 in the world, Rory McIlroy is not on any page, and number 2, Tiger Woods is in the back of the pack.

Most fans surely expected to see Rory and Tiger play better as the tour begins its “Florida Swing”.

Last week both were eliminated in the first round of match play in Arizona, just outside of Tucson.  Nine holes into the second day, Rory had a total that would see him not make the cut.  He was 7 over after 8 holes.  Uncharacteristically, he lost his composure, and walked off the course.  He told officials he was in a great deal of pain because of a wisdom tooth.

Tiger shot par 70’s on Thursday and Friday, barely making the cut.  The beginning of Saturday’s round looked like he was making a charge.  He was 3 under par, until he once again decided to test his ability to hit from the sand.  With bogies trumping birdies, he finished the day again at even par.

There are 8 players within 2 shots of each other.  Sunday could be fun.

But the television audience will be smaller than NBC had hoped.  Tiger has always drawn big crowds, and Rory has a growing following.  I’ll be watching because there are several of my favorites who either have a good chance or a possibility of being at the top of the board by tomorrow afternoon.

Rory is being criticized by the golf world for walking off of the course.  Questions are being asked about his ability to handle the pressure of being the world’s number one ranked golfer at such a young age.  I will render no opinion.  There’s a lot of golf to be played this year.  The real question for the fans is, will Tiger and Rory contend for at least one of the “majors” this year.

As I said, lots of holes to be played during the next 7 months.

James Turnage

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