Tiger Woods continued leading at WGC Cadillac Championships

Tiger Woods continued leading at WGC Cadillac ChampionshipsWGC Cadillac Championships at Doral, the “Blue Monster.”  Day Three

Saturday, the third round of the Cadillac Championship continued to see Tiger Woods leading, and the rest chasing.

The final pairing consisted of Tiger Woods, and Graeme McDowell.  McDowell began by making an eagle on the first hole.  Tiger, who is playing some of his best golf in years, was unfazed.  As McDowell faltered, Tiger made birdies or pars on every hole but one on the front nine.

His only other misstep was an unlucky occurrence on the 17th hole.  His tee shot went to the right, missing the fairway.  It lodged in the top of a palm tree, forcing him to take an “unplayable lie”, and he bogeyed the hole.

Ahead of Tiger and Graeme were Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker.  They matched each other all day, and finished with a three day 13 under par.

Woods and McDowell stood at the 18th tee with Tiger’s lead having been reduced to 3 at minus 17.  He had been ahead by as many as 6 strokes during the round.

McDowell hit a tee shot that made his second difficult.  He lofted it to the back of the green, leaving himself about 50 feet left, and a very difficult putt.  Woods hit a perfect tee shot, and put him within 10 feet of the hole.

Miraculously, McDowell’s stoke put him within a foot of the cup.  He tapped it in and remained 14 under par.  Woods proceeded to place his birdie putt in the center of the cup, moving him to 18 under par.

The last two pairings will be the same as today’s.  Tiger has never been caught with this much of a lead when he is wearing his Sunday Red Shirt.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express