Why is the Fair Tax Act so Emotional










The reason the Fair Tax Act draws such high emotions, like that of abortion, is because it takes power away from the Progressives and gives it to the People. Progressives do not trust the people, they only trust Government by their own definition, The fact that Income Tax is the Cornerstone of the Progressive movement causes an all out war against the Fair Tax Act. Not withstanding that it is the best thing for the people not for selfish, corrupt lawmakers. There is a reason Congress is polling in single digits. The Progressives will first try to say things that will diminish the issue in your eyes. They will say it will increase prices and hurt the poor, as if prices are not going up today with Income Tax and the poor are hurting right now. The Fair Tax Act is a winfall for the poor, ¬†They say ‘ We looked at it before and it does not work’. That is a lie that they hope will keep being repeated until it becomes truth in peoples minds. They say ‘It will never pass so why even try” . They want to instill a defeatist attitude so you will give up your support and turn to the Flat Tax. The Flat Tax is the Progressive solution to the current tax code. That keeps the 16th Amendment in place and still allows the Government to make the Flat Tax 100% of your Income just like today. Not to mention that they still have your address, your bank account, your children, your home, your investments, everything. Can you start to see the motivation behind these actions? The Fair Tax Act will take the Progressives out of your lives. They will not know your address, your bank account, your investments, your family because it will be none of their business. The reason I live in Nevada is because there is no Income Tax by the State. The fact is the Constitution of Nevada expressly prohibits taxing income. I have a theory that the best way to win this issue is to only vote for the candidates who will vow to co-sponsor the Fair Tax Act in the House and Senate regardless of their party. First thing you can do is call your Congressman and call Senator Dean Heller but forget about Reid because he is a huge Progressive. Those of you reading from other States can do the same. When you call your Congressman, ask him to co-sponsor HR 25. When you call your Senators, tell them to co-sponsor S.122. Then in 2014 when your Congressman asks for your vote, tell him you are voting for the candidate that vowed to co-sponsor HR25. The Fair Tax Act will directly affect your life, but for the good. Understand that when you hear the naysayers yelling at the top of their lungs. they are the Progressives I warned you about. Remember that Progressives are sneaky and they live in both parties. Not all Democrats are Progressives but most are. There are a lot of Progressives in the Republican Party too, we nominate Progressives over Conservatives. That is why there has not been a conservative as President since 1923. High school students should ask their History Teacher “What caused the economy to go up so high during the roaring 20’s”? The Teacher will say that is not on the test because they do not want you to know that is was a result of cutting taxes by 50% and cutting spending by 50%. So you see if we get rid of Income Tax the economy will skyrocket. The bottom line as to how it will affect you is the $100 you get monthly free and clear, consumer prices drop 12%, you get the gross pay instead of net pay, social security will be fully funded as well as disability and Government will be out of your business and out of your pocketbook and April 15th will be a better day. If this is a world you would like to live in then get off your butt and call your lawmakers and demand they co-sponsor the Fair Tax Act or start looking for another job. Learn more at www.fairtax.org and if you live in Nevada then go to www.fairtax.org/nevada

Breaking News the Senate has rejected the Paul Ryan bill passed in the House. Just as I suspected.

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