49ers Colin Kaepernick has a New Backup

49ers Colin Kaepernick has a New Backup49ers Colin Kaepernick has a New Back-up

Colt McCoy played for the Cleveland Browns since 2010.  He is now a San Francisco 49er.

Earl Thomas, the Seattle Seahawks’ Pro Bowl safety, had this to say about his former Texas teammate.

“You know I love colt great teammate and great guy,” Thomas tweeted. “But still can’t believe he is a 49er.”

“I’m definitely rooting for him when I’m not playing him,” Thomas said of McCoy in 2011 comments appearing in the Akron Beacon Journal. “I want to see him do his best, just not when he’s playing me.”

The 49ers parted with Alex Smith and his big contract.  McCoy, undersized and mostly unsuccessful in the NFL seems an odd back-up for Colin Kaepernick.  But Jim Harbaugh may have seen something in the former Brown that made him believe otherwise.

The Browns are apparently committed to giving Jason Campbell an opportunity to be their starting quarterback.  Brandon Weeden was the 22nd overall pick in the draft in 2012, and will challenge Campbell for the starting position.

This may work out for McCoy, who had lost favor with Browns’ management.  He now knows that he has a real chance at being San Francisco’s number two.

When Jim Harbaugh decided to keep Kaepernick in the starting role, even after Alex Smith had recovered from his concussion, fans and players alike were aware that Smith would not be on the 2013 roster.  McCoy, in his 4th season as a pro, is an unproven part of San Francisco’s future.  When Harbaugh became the head coach with the 49ers, Alex Smith’s career was revived.  I’m sure McCoy is hoping for similar results.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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