Americans need to pay more taxes

Americans need to pay more taxes

Why The So Called “Tax and Spend” Party was Right

Americans need to pay more taxes.  I don’t care what either party may say in public, they know I’m right.  Seeking re-election and not telling the truth is a hypocritical act by every single elected official including the President.

Democrats used to be labeled the “tax and spend party”.  They were right.  A free society cannot exist without substantial and fair tax for ALL.  But they, too, are afraid to speak the truth in the 21st century.

American’s who earn over $250,000 a year and corporations, whose profits are at an all time high, pay less in taxes than any other industrial country in the world, while the middle class picks up the bill for government waste and excess.

Popular or not, taxes should be raised.  Social programs which were supposed to be secured by investment from the middle class must survive.  The concentration of the national budget must be on eliminating overspending and a decrease in government.  If I sound like a conservative, I am.  But I’m in no way related to the so-called conservatives of 2013.

I believe that government wastes money.  They have wasted my contributions to my social security and Medicare.  I also know for a fact that we cannot regain the “American way of life” for the majority of our citizens if we do not require every entity to pay their fair share.  For those of you who may not know what that actually means, here is a primer.

Every individual taxpayer, and every corporation must be treated as a single entity.  They must all be accountable for their success in a capitalistic society.

The way it stands now, capitalism is a failure.  It has created a separation as wide as the Grand Canyon between the average wage earner and the corporate executive.

The origins of the United States displayed a belief by the more successful that profits should be shared by those who were responsible for aiding in their monetary gain.  Today, it is just the opposite.  A comedian once said, “there is a minimum wage because if corporations had their way, they would pay nothing”.  The idea of a “fair day’s work paid a fair day’s wage” has vanished.

Republicans hate unions.  Having been a member of one, I agree with them, somewhat.  They were, and in some cases, still are, a necessary evil.  Without them, corporations would pay similar wages to the poorest countries in the world, less than 50 cents an hour, and no benefits.

Taxes should be considered a privilege.  If we were not a free nation, with a free economy, we wouldn’t have a tax system, the government would simply take our money away from us with no recourse.

I believe in paying my fair share.  But I also believe that what I pay should come back to me in services and benefits which I need and deserve.  I do not believe in a bloated military, or congress spending my money on earmarks.

Get real, America.  Our country has less because our wealthiest pay less.  Spending issues cited by the TEA Party Republicans are smokescreens to protect groups of wealthy special interest groups from contributing back to the country for their record profits.

If you are a devoted member of either party, you are a fool.  They tell you what you want to hear while they do what benefits them.  There should be no parties.  All Americans should be independents and vote for those who actually believe in issues that we believe in, even if they have no chance of getting elected.  Voting for the lesser of two evils doesn’t work.  I’ve done it, and I know how well that worked.

Our infrastructure and social programs have both seen huge cracks in their foundations.  They can’t be repaired without more revenue.

Our President, Senate, and House just don’t get it.  And, if they do, they are not being truthful with us.

What America stood for when I was born, a year after the end of WWII, no longer exists.  It is the land of profit over compassion.  It is the era of corporate profit over fairness for the working class.

We have become a new form of communism.  The wealthy are dictating to our government through lobbyists the way life is to be in the United States.  You vote, but you don’t count.  Politicians tell you what you want to hear, and, when elected, act as they had planned all the while.

In the 2014 elections, for once, please, think before you vote.  Do not vote on emotion, which is the tool both parties use to influence the way you mark your ballot.  And voting along party lines is entirely ignorant.  Neither party’s candidates include an entire congregation of people you would invite to your home.

Every two years more unqualified and sleezy candidates are sworn into office than ever before.  Television ads are to blame as well as the media.  The truth is seldom if ever told.

It’s your fault, America.  You elect them.  You don’t think paying taxes is patriotic, until the time comes when you need government assistance in your personal life.  Then you’re all for it.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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