Austin Sigg Pleads “Not Guilty” in Colorado Court

Austin Sigg Pleads Not Guilty in Colorado Court

The trial of Austin Sigg, accused of kidnapping 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway on her way to school last October 5th, and eventually murdering her, had his day in court today.  He is charged with 18 counts related to Ms. Ridgeway’s death, and a charge of attempted abduction regarding a female jogger on Memorial Day weekend.  Four of the counts carry mandatory life sentences.  He turned 18 years old while in prison.  He pled “not guilty” to all charges against him.

“I murdered Jessica Ridgeway, I have proof that I did. I’m giving myself up completely, there will be no resistance whatsoever,” Sigg is heard in the call recorded on the night of October 23rd, 18 days after her abduction.

As Jessica walked by his car he grabbed her, put her in the back seat, zip-tied her arms and legs, and drove around for a while.  He took her back to his home, placed her on his bed and undressed her.  He failed when he tried to strangle her with zip-ties, so he choked her.  He then moved the body to the bathtub, retrieved a saw from the garage, and dismembered her.  He placed her body parts in plastic bags, putting some of them in the crawl space of his mother’s home, and others in a field.

Sigg denied sexually assaulting or torturing Jessica.  But Friday a nurse confirmed that she had bruises and cuts, and had surely been sexually attacked.

After a tip from a neighbor, authorities obtained DNA evidence which was not only matched to Jessica, but also the Jogger who had been attacked on Memorial Day.

After entering the not guilty plea today, Sigg’s attorney asked the court to retain the right to change it.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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