Black Americans Should be Republicans


You can look through my previous articles and you can say that I am misinformed when I tell you LBJ did not want to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The fact that LBJ has his back to the news story about MLK getting shot by a racist Democrat should give you a clue. The picture in this article is of the Oval Office as the news of MLK being killed is on the TV. The teacher lied to you when you were taught that Democrats are responsible for Civil Rights. The facts are that Republicans tried to get the Civil Rights bill of 1957 passed but the Democrats killed it. Thank God Martin Luther King was a Republican because he helped to get it passed in 1964.

I can only give you the facts. Today facts are viewed as lies and lies are viewed as truth. Here is the truth that many leftist Progressives will call lies. Blacks can thank the Republicans for every freedom enjoyed these days. We all know Lincoln was a Republican and he stopped slavery in America. The leftists want you to think that slavery was the white mans fault, but the one who created slavery was a black man and his name was Anthony Johnson. There are a lot of people with that name today. Anthony Johnson came to America as a servant for a land owner who provided Anthony with transportation, housing and food in return for 7 years of working the land. After 7 years Anthony was awarded land and his freedom. Anthony did the same thing with John Casor, he paid his way gave him shelter and food. After 7 years John Casor asked for his land and freedom. Anthony told him he was extending his time because Casor was Johnson’s slave. John Casor reminded Anthony Johnson that there is no slavery in the New World and then he left to go work for a man named Robert Parker. Had that been the end of it, we would never have had slavery in America. Anthony Johnson was not willing to give up. Anthony Johnson sued Robert Parker in North Hampton Court in 1654. In 1655 the Court awarded Anthony Johnson and stated he could keep John Casor indefinitely. That created slavery in America as Anthony Johnson became the first slave owner and John Casor as the first slave in America.

One more thing about blacks and Republicans, the late 1800s were not kind to blacks when any white liberal could hang any black conservative and there was no crime. The fact is it was legal to hang any black person at anytime. The Republicans did not like the fact that Democrats were running around killing Blacks. Republicans fought long and hard to free blacks from the random murders that were perfectly legal. The Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep it legal but on this one the Republicans did win and made it illegal to kill a black person.

Harriet Tubman said that she could have saved so many more slaves if only they knew that they were slaves. I feel the same way when I talk to blacks who are Democrats when I tell them they are slaves to the Democrats, but they do not know it. THE FACTS ARE THAT BLACKS CAN THANK THE REPUBLICANS FOR ALL THEIR ADVANCES AND THEY CAN THANK THE DEMOCRATS FOR THEIR POVERTY AND EVERYBODY ELSE IN POVERTY CAN THANK THE DEMOCRATS TOO.

History is good, but what about today? Today if you are a Black Candidate for Office, you must run as a Democrat. A Black Republican Candidate is treated as a traitor, token, etc. The Democrats will call you the N word and Uncle Tom and other Racist Comments. Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party today as well as in the past.

When you raise a race higher than an other race, that is Racist. In the 196o-1980 Whites were more important in the Democrat Party than Blacks or Hispanics. 1980-2000 Blacks were more important than Whites and Hispanics, now Hispanics are more important than Blacks and Whites. That is Racist. The Republicans do not consider any race over the other, everybody is equal in the Republican Party.

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