Boston Marathon Bombing an operation by Al Qaeda?

Boston Marathon Bombing an operation by Al Qaeda?

The Facts About the Tsarnaev Brothers, and Their Attack

The conspiracy theorists, and extreme right wing war mongers, are out in full force.  They so badly wanted the bombing of the Boston Marathon to have been an operation controlled by Al Qaeda.  When that didn’t happen I saw statements claiming that it was the Chechens.  The Chechens, themselves, explained that their struggle is with the Russian government, not the American people.  Now I read someone claims it was planned by the government of Iran.

Time for the truth, like it or not.  And many of you won’t.

Federal investigators have interviewed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev extensively as he lay in the hospital.  He repeatedly claimed that the plan was conceived by he and his brother alone.  No outside entity was involved.

They were motivated by a desire to defend Islam because of “the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”  They learned how to build the bombs from an internet magazine by the name of “Inspire”, and is an Al Qaeda publication which began in 2010.

An early examination of cell phone records, and the computers owned by the brothers have not indicated any outside involvement.

I am fully aware that this could change.  There is still the possibility that they were financed and supported by another country, or an organization operating within the United States.  The investigation is early.

But claims by groups or individuals that they have knowledge of outside responsibility at the present time, is pure speculation, not fact.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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