Boston Marathon Bombing, What Authorities Have Discovered

Boston Marathon Bombing, What Authorities Have Discovered

Before any of us begin to go on a conspiracy expedition, it might be helpful to first know what authorities have discovered about the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Monday, at 2:50 Eastern time, a terrorist attack injured 176, and killed 3 people near the finish of the Boston Marathon.  Two bombs were detonated 15 seconds apart and 100 yards distant from each other.  One of those killed was an 8 year old boy.  He, his sister, and his mother, were waiting for his father to finish the race.  A picture of him holding a sign with the name “Martin” was shown on national television.  His sister lost a leg, and his mother was seriously injured.

A CBS affiliate who was near the first explosion, described a boy of about 6 or 7 years old sitting on the sidewalk, his head smeared with blood, staring vacantly into space as his father lay in front of him missing a leg.

The FBI is in charge of the investigation.  Contrary to initial reports, there were only the two bombs.  As many as 5 other un-exploded devices were reported.

The bombs were filled with shrapnel, intended to damage as many humans as possible.  Unfortunately, they were effective.  There are reports of several individuals with missing limbs, and head injuries.  Some injuries were simply damage to eardrums from the concussive effects of the explosion.

A news conference this morning featured the Governor of Massachusetts, the Mayor of Boston, the Chief FBI field agent, the ATF supervisor in charge, a Federal Attorney, and the Boston Chief of Police.  They asked for the cooperation of everyone as they meticulously search the 15 block area.  They praised all the first responders who acted quickly, without concern for their own wellbeing, as well as volunteers, and runners who hurried to assist the injured.

There are no suspects as yet.  One Saudi Arabian man, who himself is in the hospital, was questioned, and his apartment searched, but nothing of interest was apparently discovered.  He has been entirely cooperative.

Authorities at the news conference asked anyone who has pictures or movies on their electronic devices to offer them to the authorities.

Hospital personnel say that about 16 people remain in critical condition.

After September 11, 2001, all hospitals and emergency personnel have trained for such a tragedy.  But hospital spokesmen were somewhat overwhelmed at the numbers arriving in the emergency rooms.

Much deserved praise was given to all who responded quickly and effectively.  One hospital spokesman said that within minutes of the attack, hospital staff increased 5 times as off duty doctors, nurses, and other personnel arrived to volunteer their services.

Retired FBI personnel indicate that, although this was most definitely a cowardly act of terrorism, early indicators are that it is more likely domestic rather than an act by a foreign organization.  No one has claimed responsibility for the act.

The Boston Marathon had 23,000 entrants.  It is run on “Patriot Day”, in remembrance of the battles of Lexington and Concord, and is a state holiday.

The greatest number of those injured, were waiting to see relatives or friends complete a dream.  Instead a nightmare of inconceivable proportions ended their day.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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