Bras Don’t Prevent Sag

Bras Don’t Prevent Sag, but Don’t Burn Yours Yet
By Dawn Cranfield

Bras Don’t Prevent Sag, but Don’t Burn Yours Yet

As soon as a girl starts to develop, she is immediately outfitted with a “training bra”; for those of you who have always wondered what you were training your breasts to do, you are not alone.  Most of us thought we were training them to defy the laws of gravity so as we aged we would still have youthful, perky breasts that could withstand the test of time.

Getting older, we wore foundation garments so we would not get back aches, and to continue keeping our chest from venturing further south.

Or so we thought.

A new 15-year French study has revealed we may have been doing more harm than good in takingBras Don’t Prevent Sag, but Don’t Burn Yours Yet care of our breasts and our backs.  In fact, the study indicates wearing a bra can actually make breasts saggier than if you had never worn a bra before.

In eastern France, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports science research expert at the University of Besancon, and his team have spent 15 years with 330 women measuring the changes in their breasts.  They used a simple slide rule and calipers at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, where they did their research.

According to the report, he found that wearing a bra could potentially add to back pain instead of relieve it.  Additionally, he determined that women who did not wear bras would potentially have more tone and support themselves if they did not rely on a foundation garment.  Researches on his team clarified that bras can “limit the growth of supporting breast tissues, leaving the breast to wither and degrade more quickly.”  (

The study detailed women who left their bras behind experienced a lift of 7mm in their nipples each year they went without a bra.  They also found the women also saw their stretch marks begin to disappear and their breasts became firmer.

Some of the women in the study claim they had less back pain when they stopped wearing a bra.

Rouillon says women who have been wearing a bra all of their adult lives should not throw them away now, “It would be dangerous to advise all women to stop wearing their soutien-gorge as the women involved were not a representative sample of the population.”  (

Bras Don’t Prevent Sag, but Don’t Burn Yours YetStill, the study does have some merit; when you have muscles you do not use because they rely on other muscles to do all of the work, they atrophy and become weak.  It makes sense that breast tissue would do the same if it is stowed away in a “holder” and not forced to perform any task other than to exist.

However, as France is more progressive, I cannot imagine what it would be like in America if women decided to toss their bras and allow their breasts to defy gravity, even if it is better for them.

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