Dallas: Eric Huckaby arrested for capital murder charges

Dallas: Eric Huckaby arrested for capital murder charges

On March 21, 2013, the complainant Anthony Scott and anonymous Witness-1 were shopping at the “Kiest Market, located at 3807 E. Kiest Blvd. Suspect Eric Huckaby was driving a stolen pickup truck that was followed by a Crown Victoria driven by suspect Fredrick Carson into the parking lot of the convenience store. Suspect Huckaby intentionally provided the other suspects that were also at the “Kiest Market” with pivotal
information that directly led to the suspects following the complainant home to rob him. Witness-2 heard the suspects plotting to rob the complainant and witness-1. Witness-2 also observed suspect Carson removed two handguns from the Crown Victoria before entering into the truck prior them leaving the parking lot. Video surveillance from the store shows suspect Huckaby providing suspect Derek Osaroekee with the keys to the pickup truck shortly before the vehicle was used to follow the complainant home. Witness-1 stated he and complainant pulled into their driveway when the suspects exited the truck and fired shots in the complainant’s direction. One of the shots struck the complainant, causing his death. The suspects then took the complainant’s property and fled the offense location.

Dallas police detectives were contacted by suspect Huckaby, one of the co-conspirator seen with suspect Carson in the surveillance video. Suspect Huckaby spoke with detectives and admitted to being a participant in the above described robbery and murder offense. Suspect Huckaby identified the other suspects that participated in the offense. Suspect Huckaby admitted that he and suspect Carson shared the proceeds
from the Capital Murder.

Suspect Huckaby was arrested on a related Aggravated robbery documented on Case# 65581-A, he has also charged with the Capital Murder of Anthony Scott. Huckaby is currently in custody at Lew Sterrett County Jail.

Suspects Carson and Osaroekee have already been arrested for the Capital Murder of Anthony Scott and remain in the Lew Sterrett jail.

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