Dwayne Johnson “The “Rock” Had Surgery Monday

Dwayne Johnson

The “Rock” Had Surgery Monday

On April 7th, Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock”, wrestled John Cena.  He lost the match, and suffered injury to his abdominal muscles.  The result was three hernia tears.  He missed the premier of his new movie, which opens Friday, called “Pain and Gain”, because he had surgery Monday.

The day before, the star explained that he’d paid a visit to his doctor, “who had to push my intestines back thru the tear in my abdomen. Kinda romantic.”

The 40 year old Johnson is on the mend.

“Surgery a success! Dr repaired 3 hernial tears (fun pain). Superman is on the mend.. #WeFallWeRise,” Johnson tweeted Tuesday with a photo of himself in a hospital bed, flexing in a Superman T-shirt.

In the movie, Johnson plays a workout-obsessed body builder.  When he did not show up for the premier, director Michael Bay told the crowd:  “Dwayne’s hurt tonight.  He was pushing it too hard. [He] needs to grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men.”

Johnson is not changing his screen persona.  His next film will be Brett Ratner’s “Hercules: The Thracian Wars.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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