Happy Income Tax Day

 Happy Income Tax Day

The Progressive leftist loves Income Tax so have a Happy Income Tax Day. The only problem is that the Democrats often cheat on their taxes and some do not pay or file. The old “Do as I say, Not as I do.” saying comes to mind.  How would you like it if this day had absolutely no significance at all with no need to even think about paying income taxes. Your wish has come true. The Fair Tax Act would eliminate income taxes and April 15th will be just another day. You can click my name Randy Rose at the top of this page and see the other articles I wrote about the Fair Tax Act, HR 25 in the House and S.122 in the Senate so call your Congressman and Senators and insist that they co-sponsor the Fair Tax Act.

The Problem with the Income Tax is that it makes you an Indentured Servant to the IRS. If you try to balk at the extortionists, they will put you in prison. The good news about the Fair Tax Act is no jail time even if you choose to pay no money to the government, ever. You will still get $100 a month free money from the Government, and your Social Security will be funded by citizens and non-citizens every day.  You will still enjoy the 12% drop in retail prices even as you refuse to give the Government one red cent and you will not go to prison. You will also enjoy the extra money in your pocket as your wages go up and the economy goes up. You will enjoy that your home value will go up as well. Does this sound like a world you want to live in? Then call your Congressman and Senators today.

So a woman decides to open a small store when a man comes in demanding 39.6% of her income from the store. The woman asks, ” What happens if I do not pay you your extortion payment.” The man says, ” I will have my people take you away and we will put you in a cage.” The woman replied “But that is Kidnapping.” The man replied that she can avoid all that simply by making her payments. After the man left, the woman became very worried and called the police and the FBI. When the woman identified the extortionist, the FBI and police told her there was nothing they could do because the same man is extorting them as well. She was bewildered and asked “Who is this guy stealing our money?” They said it was Uncle Sam and the man was from the IRS. The woman then asked, “How can we escape this criminal enterprise?” One policeman stood up and said the only solution is the Fair Tax Act. You can help to stop this criminal enterprise by calling your Congressman and Senators and demanding they co-sponsor HR 25 and S.122.

I have a friend who makes $12,000 per year which she spends entirely on living expenses. She is currently $14,000 in debt to the IRS. She files every year but has no money to send in to pay her taxes. The $14,000 is mostly penalties and interest also referred to as the VIG. The loan sharks actually calls it vig but the IRS has better words same result. The poor girl cannot pay that and it is right there on her credit report for all the world to see. She cannot get a better job or a loan, all because of Income Tax.

These stories are plentiful and some people have killed themselves because of Income Tax. Yes are people dying, living in poverty and unable to move up in society all because of the Income Tax. The Progressive leftists told us 100 years ago that the Income Tax would only be 7% and only those earning $11 million dollars (based on today’s currency equivalence) would pay the tax.  That was a lie then and is still a lie today. How can we trust the Progressive Democrats when they always lie?  The next big lie the Progressive Democrats want us to swallow is that the Flat Tax is the answer. The rate is only 11%. The problem with this lie is that it keeps the 16th amendment in place and they can raise that 11% all the way to 100% at their discretion. Plus you will still be an Indentured Servant. The only way to solve this problem and so many more is the Fair Tax Act.

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