Josh and Sharyn Hakken’s 2 kidnapped sons not allowed to stay in Cuba

Josh, Sharyn Hakken and their 2 kidnapped sons are not allowed to stay in Cuba

The Final Segment of the Josh Hakken Trilogy?  Maybe

Josh and Sharyn Hakken and their 2 young sons are not going to be allowed to stay in Havana.  Cuban authorities are planning to turn over the family to United States representatives.

CNN identified Hakken earlier today, and he confirmed that he and his family were onboard the “Salty”, the smallest boat in a harbor a few miles west of Havana.  Police, armed with sidearms, asked CNN to cease filming and leave.  They cooperated without question.

Cuban officials confirmed that the 25 foot boat had arrived in the port Sunday evening in bad weather.  The Cuban Foreign Ministry released the following statement:  “From the first moment, diplomatic notes were exchanged and a permanent and professional communication has been maintained between MINREX” — Cuba’s foreign ministry — “and the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, with the goal of guaranteeing the integrity and well-being of the minors,” the statement said.

U.S. government officials have told the sheriff’s office in Hillsborough County, Florida, which includes the city of Tampa from which the boys went missing, that “they are receiving exceptional cooperation from the Cuban government,” the sheriff’s office said Tuesday afternoon.

On April 2nd two-year-old Chase, and four-year-old Cole were placed in permanent custody of their maternal grandmother and grandfather.

There is no word at present when the children will be returned to their home, and their parents remanded to U. S. authorities.  Talks are ongoing between the Cuban authorities and the American officials in Havana.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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