Katie Stockton sentence to 50 year of prison for killing newborn child

Katie Stockton sentence to 50 year of prison for killing newborn child

Woman Who Allowed Her Newborn Child to Suffocate and Freeze to Death Receives 50 Year Prison Term

Katie Stockton hid her pregnancy from friends and co-workers for the duration of her pregnancy.  On December 17, 2004, she gave birth to baby “Crystal.”  Afterward, she stuffed the baby and soiled clothing into an orange shopping bag and placed it along a dead-end road near her parents’ Rockton, Illinois home.  The baby suffocated and froze to death.

She was questioned about the baby’s death when it was found, but denied that it was her child.  She refused a DNA test.

In 2009, authorities searched a blue Saturn belonging to the 32 year old Stockton, which had been impounded a year before.  Found buried beneath a tire iron, damaged spare tire and Craftsman chain saw in the trunk were two bags containing the decomposed remains of two female infants.

Forensic pathologists could not determine how the infant girls found in the trunk died or whether they were born alive and no charges have been filed in connection with those remains.

Stockton changed her plea to guilty Feb. 21 after years of proclaiming her innocence.

Detectives had never cease to watch her.  A discarded cigarette butt was tested for DNA and resulted in her arrest.  The end result of the test showed a 99.96 probability.

She has been sentenced to 50 years in an Illinois prison.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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