Ladareen Jerode Skelton arrested for Capital Murder

Ladareen Jerode Skelton arrested for Capital Murder

Homicide detectives arrested Ladareen Jerode Skelton today for the Capital Murder of Complainant Xavier Mullins that occurred on August 11, 2011, in the 5800 block of Trio Drive. The Arrestee Skelton is in custody and has been transported to Lew Sterrett County Jail.

On August 10, 2011, Complainant Mullins and a witness drove to Dallas from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to purchase a large amount of drugs. Complainant Mullins and witness checked into a hotel in downtown Dallas. On August 11, 2011, Complainant Mullin and witness met with Suspect Skelton at the hotel to make the drug transaction. Complainant Mullin, witness, and Suspect Skelton drove to the 5800 block of Trio Drive to make the transaction. When they arrived, Complainant Mullin and witness believed they were going to be robbed by Suspect Skelton and wanted to terminate the transaction. Complainant Mullin and witness left the location leaving Suspect Skelton behind. Suspect Skelton called Complainant Mullin and informed him that the person with the drugs had arrived. Complainant Mullin and witness returned back to the location in the 5800 block of Trio Drive. When he arrived, Complainant Mullins exited the vehicle and was shot once by Suspect Skelton. The witness, who was still seated inside the vehicle, was shot several times by the

Suspect Skelton. The witness, who was shot multiple times, was able to escape and drive Complainant Mullin and himself to the hospital where Complainant Mullin was pronounced deceased. During the investigative process, detectives were able to gather surveillance video from the downtown hotel where the Suspect Skelton and Complainant Mullin initially met. The video footage was aired through television media and with assistance from fellow officers, investigators were able get a true name for Suspect Skelton. The witness was also able to identify Suspect Skelton which ultimately led

to his arrest today. The offense was documented on case #212341-Y.

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