Major Iranian Earthquake Causes Damage in Pakistan

Major Iranian Earthquake Causes Damage in Pakistan

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Iran Tuesday in a rural area about 50 miles from its border with Pakistan.  Pakistan is reporting the loss of 13 lives and the destruction of 100 mud-homes and 50 businesses.

Initial reports from Iran cited 47 deaths, but all numbers of casualties were later removed from the news services.  They are no claiming that the area is too rural, and communication is not accurate.  Rescue teams have been sent from several regions.

A magnitude 6.1 struck the Persian Gulf region of Iran less than a week ago, killing 37 people.  The quake created concerns about a nearby nuclear reactor.

In 2003, some 26,000 people were killed by a magnitude 6.6 quake that flattened the historic southeastern Iranian city of Bam.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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