Pennsylvania Transit Bus and Train Collide Sending 11 to the hospital


By Dawn Cranfield

Transit Bus and Train Collide in Pennsylvania, Sending 11 to the Hospital

In the small town of Evans City, Pennsylvania, around 8 am, authorities say a rural transit bus collided with a train resulting in the injuries of 10 passengers and the driver of the bus.  The bus, carrying senior citizens and people with developmental disabilities was struck by the train as it Pennsylvania Transit Bus and Train Collide Sending 11 to the hospitalstopped for an unspecified reason at an unmarked railroad crossing.

Evans City police Chief Joseph McCombs says the engineer “sounded a horn and attempted to stop, but couldn’t avoid the small bus, which came to rest about 20 feet away.”  (

According to authorities, at least two people have suffered serious injuries and three others have been treated and released; there is no word on the other passengers who range in age from 26 to 92.

The crash is still under investigation; officials are considering whether or not early morning dense fog may have played a role.

Evans City is located approximately 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

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