President Obama called it a shame brought on Washington

President Obama called it a shame brought on Washington“Welcome to the United States, Owned by the NRA”

This bumper sticker may be the saddest comment on Washington in my nearly 67 years on the planet, because it’s true.

We saw the reality of who our government truly represents earlier this week when the Senate failed to pass extensive background checks for all gun sales, at all venues.  It actually won the numbers game, but because of a requirement demanded by the Republicans, the measure had to receive 60 votes to pass.  The vote was 54-46, and included 4 cowardly Democrats.

President Obama, called it a “shame brought on Washington”.  It’s worse than that.

A proposal that was supported by 90% of Americans, gun-owners, and non-gun-owners alike, failed to pass.

Intelligent voters are aware that lobbyists control the Congress and Senate, not the voting public, that’s a given.  These criminals spend millions of dollars influencing the vote of federal legislators.  And 99% of the time special interests win.

But this week’s vote is a new low.  Much of legislation passes or fails without the knowledge of the majority of Americans that it even existed.  So the Washington “money-grabbers” can vote as they are told to by the lobbies, and we’re not even aware of it.

This was different.  Senators voted for 10% of the American people and in support of the gun lobby, and ignored the 90% of all Americans.  They can’t hide within the bureaucracy of this one.

Come on America!  Denounce political parties.  Vote the bums out, and make them find a real job.  Politician is not a career, it is a greedy, self-serving way of life.  The campaign for your vote, telling you what you want to hear, and then doing what they want, for their own benefit when elected is what really happens.  And both parties enjoy the benefit of a divided country.  You suffer.

Citizens, divided on the important issues of our country, have the right to debate, honest debate.  Opinions are important, they are what once made our country great, only to see its decline as government divided us through emotional verbiage.

Few Americans are actually in the “absolute” about the most important problems and concerns of our nation.  But Politicians, religious groups, and millions of dollars spent by special interest groups on television ads, have placed us into a black or white situation.  There is no such correct answer, gray is the norm, and always has been.

If you are not aware, you will believe the propaganda by the oil companies, corporate farmers, and the NRA.  Educate yourself.  Remember the admonition of our ancestors who proclaimed, “don’t believe everything you hear”?  It has more meaning today than ever

Television is the enemy.  Less than 2% of television is entertaining, and less that 1% is truthful.  But that single media controls 98% of the people.

Allowing campaign ads on television was an extremely bad idea.  But politicians and broadcast networks love it.  Politicians can say anything, tell any lie or half-truth, knowing millions who listen will believe what they see and hear.  And the network’s profits are enormous, especially in Presidential election years.  The only people who lose are the American voters.

These Senators, knowing that all of America witnessed this vote, and were aware of the wishes of the voting public, have an arrogance that is beyond belief.  The sad part is that most of them will continue to be re-elected because of the extreme division between “red” and “blue” states.  That is the primary reason why having two political parties has failed the people of our nation.

We have the worst government in the world.  It is more corrupt than North Korea, South American countries, Cuba, and much of the African Nations.  The only difference is that ours is more covert.  All the others I mentioned are open about their corruption.  Ours hides behind speeches, and “hot button” issues, never meaning a single word they say.

I do not harbor much hope that the American people will wake-up and realize how they are being used.  For the most part, they are sheep.  I watched them cheer Reagan as he attacked the working man.  I shuddered as Bush II was re-elected, after lying to the United States and the world, and creating a situation which resulted in thousands of American deaths, hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ruination of the American economy, and the creation of a more dangerous world for all.

So, why did I write this.  It’s called “cathartic”.  I need to vent, and expose our government for what it really is.  And, I care, even if no one else does.  And, lastly, I hate liars and cheats.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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