Rick Perry is Better off Not to Say Anything

Rick Perry

Rick Perry is Better off Not to Say Anything, Ever

You’ve got to love the governors of Texas.  If you add former governor George W. Bush and present Governor Rick Perry’s IQ’s together, what would you get?  Rush Limbaugh.

Perry wants to divert the responsibility for last Saturday’s murder of Kaufman County’s District Attorney and his wife to the Mexican drug cartels and inadequate border control.

“We know the drug cartels are very, very active in our country now,” he said on Fox News. “It goes back … to the whole issue of border security and the failure of the federal government to put the men and women, whether they are military or whether they’re border patrol or whether working with the local law enforcement, expend the dollars necessary to secure the border with Mexico.”

Maybe Perry ought to stick to his martini lunches.

Politicians are good at one thing, making every issue about politics.  Perry’s not even very good at that.  He needs to realize that his bid for the Presidency is over.  Although I fail to see a well-qualified candidate on the Republican side, many of them are more qualified than a Texas governor.

“We know we have a porous border, we know that drug cartels, gangs, transnational and otherwise, in some cases operating together,” he said. “And all of that obviously is open for interpretation and investigation. We will leave no stone unturned. Any organization that is operating in the state of Texas, outside the bounds of our laws, is going to be put on notice that were going to hunt you down, we’re going to punish you, we’re going to do our best to remove that type of threat.”

Sounds similar to what D.A. McLelland said after assistant D.A. Hasse was murdered.

If the killer or killers are ever apprehended, there may be answers to the why of this crime.  Investigators are looking at the ABT and analyzing every case both McLelland and Hasse worked on.

Perry should just stay out of the way.  His state got along just fine without him while he spent months on the campaign trail in 2012.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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