Right Wing Extremists Blamed for Boston Terror Attack


Yes those faithful Leftist Progressives have solved the ‘who done it’, they were Right Wing TEA Party Extremists. Where is the proof? They do not need proof, all they need is for the people to hold that opinion. Progressives believe that truth is found in popular belief, so they must convince folks to believe it and it becomes the truth.

Chis Matthews is one of their chief propagandists and he has proclaimed that pressure cooker bombs are a right wing signature. Chis Matthews quotes a Senior U.S. Counter Terrorism Expert as saying that. He also speculates that because it was tax day the right wing planted the bombs. “Obviously, it’s one of those Timothy McVeigh types. You know, white, racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic Tea Partiers who want to blow up the government.”

The only problem with this theory is that there has never been a pressure cooker bomb that actually exploded before Boston. The real truth is that Al-Qaeda is the terror group that uses pressure cooker bombs. In a 2010 article entitled, “How to Make a Bomb in Your Mom’s Kitchen,” it listed which ingredients would be needed in order to make an explosive device from common household appliances. But it said that the prescribed concoction only works in a highly pressurized environment. “The pressure cooker is the most effective method,” it advised. The article was written by Al-Qaeda to all aspiring terrorists.

In spite of Al-Qaeda “inspiring” other terrorists for the past 3 years to make their own bombs and strongly encouraging terrorists in the West to “take action” on their own, a CNN article distanced itself from blaming any Islamic group: “There is no evidence that AQAP [Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] or any of its supporters was involved in the Boston attack. Nor is it clear whether the attack was the work of one or more individuals.” CNN has not blamed Right Wing Terrorists yet. Give them time, they eventually will join their fellow Leftist Progressives.

There are a lot of examples where Islamic Terrorists have used pressure cooker bombs in the past. Strange that a U.S. Counter Terror Expert does not know about these incidents:
1. In 2010, militants in Pakistan attacked the office of Christian aid organization World Vision and killed six workers there, all Muslim. After shooting workers, the terrorists exploded a locally made pressure cooker bomb.
2. Also in 2010, Faizal Shahzad attempted a bombing near Times Square by leaving explosives, including a pressure cooker bomb that did not explode, in car a near Times Square.
3. In 2011, police seized two pressure cooker bombs from the hotel room of Naser Abdo, who planned to use them to bomb Fort Hood in Texas.

These are just a few examples of Islamic Terrorists using pressure cooker bombs but no evidence of Right Wing extremists using them. The truth is right here for your consumption but be advised that the popular belief will be that the TEA party is at fault.

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