Roger Ebert Famed Film Critic Dies at 70

Roger Ebert Famed Film Critic Dies at 70
Roger Ebert, Famed Film Critic, Dead at 70

Pulitzer Prize winning film critic Roger Ebert has lost his battle with cancer.  He died Thursday at age 70.

He worked for the Chicago Sun-Times for 46 years and was on television for 31.  He was undoubtedly the best known movie critic of all time.

He is famous for saying; “No good film is too long,” he once wrote, a sentiment he felt strongly enough about to have engraved on pens. “No bad movie is short enough.”

He and partner Gene Siskel, who died in 1999, were famous for their “thumbs up or thumbs down” reviews.

Ebert had been battling cancer of the thyroid and salivary gland for the last decade.  He lost part of his lower jaw in 2006, and with it the ability to speak or eat.  It never slowed him down.  He continued to write for the Sun-Times, producing as many as 9 reviews a day.

He had announced just Wednesday that he would be undergoing additional radiation treatment for his recurring cancer.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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