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To the Progressive leftists truth is defined as popular belief. I had a conversation with a friend who insisted that our country is run by the banks and wall street buying influence to force our elected officials to vote how they are instructed. This, of course, is a lie. I said no because the Republicans and the Democrats get money from banks and wall street and the Hunt Brothers and George Soros, etc. The votes fall along party lines. If the banks and wall street really ran things both parties would fall in line. He said my position was an opinion and he had the opposite opinion. You see if the facts work against them they say the are not facts but rather opinion. He went on to say he can find hundreds of people who agree with his opinion. I said it does not matter how many people believe the lie, the truth is the truth even if only 1 person knows the truth, it is still the truth.

You may not believe that a lie can be thought to be truth by more people than those who know the truth. I can give you a perfect example. The Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown,CT . A majority of Americans believe that Adam Lanza used an AR-15 to attack the children hiding in the No Gun Zone. I know for a fact there was no AR-15 anywhere on the premises. The Coroner testified there were no AR-15 bullets in any of the victims. The truth is there was no AR-15 used, but I know my friend can find 500 people on the street and even the President of the United States will tell you Adam Lanza used an AR-15. I can find maybe 2 people who will say the truth but because the popular belief is that an AR-15 was used it is therefore the truth.

I do not need to list the many lies President Obama has told the American people, even the Democrats admit to many of his lies. The big lie is likely the attack at the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The truth is that the attack was planned long in advance. The attack was to begin the day of September 11. This is a Muslim Brotherhood coordinated attack with everything they needed to breach the Consulate offices. This was a terrorist attack. President Obama lied to us saying it was not a terrorist attack. He tried to tell us it was a movie clip that nobody ever heard of. He tracked the movie director and put him in prison. My friend can find 500 people who will say it was the video that caused a spontaneous attack that no one could have anticipated.

Another example would be the belief that the TEA party is racist, violent, white people. The truth is that the TEA party is filled with Blacks, Whites. Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans and it is a love fest, not a hint of racism or violence. The only violence witnessed were the Harry Reid supporters who threw eggs at the Tea party bus. When the rally was over everybody picked up and carried out their own trash. My friend can find 500 people who will tell you the TEA party is racist. The Occupy folks were honored by Time as Man of the Year. The Occupy rallies had Rape, Murder, Violence against the Police, trash that cost millions to clean up paid by taxpayers. My friend can find 500 people who will tell you that the Occupy Movement is peaceful and honorable.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Remember that when you hear the Democrats accuse the Republicans of whatever they are saying, the truth is that they are the ones committing the accusation. Their goal is to deflect the attention away from what they are doing by making the accusation against the Republicans. Democrats say Republicans are racist, but the truth is the Democrats were KKK and fought against civil rights for Blacks. The Democrats say the Republicans are rich. The truth is there are more rich Democrats, lots more, than rich Republicans. Why do you think the Democrats can get their message out so fast, even on HULU but nothing about the Republican message. I could go on but,again, I think you get the idea.

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