Santa Clara, CA to prosecute three 16-year old boys for sexual assault

On September 12th last year, 15 year old Audrie Pott hung herself

Audrie Pott hung herself

On September 12th last year, 15 year old Audrie Pott hung herself.  The pretty young woman was sexually assaulted by at least three 16 year old boys while she was intoxicated.

Audrie was a talented artist and musician attending Saratoga High School in Santa Clara County, California.  She attended a house party in early September.  The parents were away.  There were eight to ten students there, and they were drinking liquor mixed with Gatorade.  Audrie passed out in a bedroom where at least three boys performed sexual acts on her.  At least one naked picture of her was taken and put on the internet.  From e-mail, it was posted on Facebook.

In the days after the incident, the popular teen wrote on her Facebook page: “The whole school knows…My life is ruined.”

A couple of days later, when she learned that pictures had been posted on the internet, and that they had gone “viral”, she took her own life.

Robert Allard, is the family’s attorney.   “What these boys did is beyond unconscionable,” Allard said. “They should be held to the highest standard of the law to make sure this never ever happens again.”

Audrie’s parents, who did not find out about the attack until after their daughter’s death, are seeking to sue 10 people, students and parents, in association with Audrie’s death.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Jose Cardoza says three teens were arrested Thursday, two at Saratoga High School and a third at Christopher High School in Gilroy.  They are being detained at Juvenile Hall.  As of Thursday evening, no formal charges have been filed.  Authorities are still in the process of obtaining search warrants, and questioning witnesses.

Following the tragedy, tributes from friends and strangers alike poured in online remembering the beautiful high school sophomore who made everyone laugh.

During a memorial at Saratoga High School held days after Pott’s suicide, hundreds of students and staff wore teal, which was the girls’ favorite color.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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