Seattle shootings killed 10 people but NRA not our government cares

Seattle shootings killed 10 people but NRA not our government cares

Seattle shootings killed 10 people but NRA not our government cares

Four Killed Here, Five Killed There, But No One Cares

Wednesday 5 people were killed in an apartment building by a suspect using a gun.  5 others were killed in a gun battle at an apartment complex south of Seattle, Washington a couple of days ago.  But no one cares, especially the NRA and our government.

We are a nation in denial.  Every day dozens of people, who are not criminals, lose their lives by someone’s use of a gun.

The NRA has their slogan backwards, “people don’t kill people, but people with guns do kill people”.

The United States of America is nothing less than an armed camp.  Our cowardly legislators, bought and paid for by the gun lobby, claim that ordinary citizens have the right to possess any type of weapon they choose to protect themselves and their families.  That is the biggest bunch of “BS” I have ever heard.

First of all, no one protects themselves from criminals, it doesn’t happen.  Innocent family members, friends, neighbors, and those who choose to take their own lives, are the multitude of those killed by guns.

Secondly, let’s get off this “second amendment rights” crap.  The second amendment is vague, and out of date.  It is short and has no definition.  It we were to enforce it based on the times in which it was written, private citizens could only own single shot rifles or pistols.

Over 32,000 people are maimed or murdered by guns every year, and very, very few of those are so-called criminals.

Just over a week ago, some young men got into an argument outside of a sports bar in Washington State. Four of them were shot and two lost their lives.  In my day, there might have been a few bruises, black eyes, and maybe even broken bones, but it’s unlikely that anyone would have been killed.

Anyone can buy any type of gun at any time.  The mentally ill, under-aged, gang members, mass murderers of children, literally anyone can get what they want, without effectual background checks.  But, no one cares.

We cry for the victims of the Boston bombings, and we should.  Three innocent lives lost because of a cowardly act.  We witness the loss and suffering of the families of our young men and women who were killed needlessly in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we shed tears.  But no one is concerned about the innocents killed daily, because the stories of most of these individuals are not sensational enough to increase the broadcast ratings and sell commercial time.

I don’t want to hear any more from the gun nuts.  They are 100% wrong on every issue.  Having access to guns, results in innocent deaths.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express