Seniors and Veterans Targeted

Senior coupleSeniors and Veterans Targeted

Seniors and Veterans are being Targeted

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer warned Republicans their “my way or the highway” approach will only cause them more grief.  Referring directly to Speaker John Boehner, he said:  “Right now, the approach of many Republicans, particularly the leadership in the House, is my way or the highway. Their view is the only acceptable plan is to try to cut away prosperity, turn Medicare into a voucher program and essentially enact the Romney economic plan,” Pfeiffer said. “The American people rejected that and Republicans shouldn’t be doubling down on it.”

But he also warned Democrats who are wary of some of the president’s cuts that they will have to sacrifice.

“Look, this is compromise,” Pfeiffer said. “And compromise means there are going to be some folks on both sides who are not happy.”

This may shock some who read my rants, but I’m siding with the Republicans and reject the President’s plan.  Of course, it’s not for the same reasons.

Obama’s reneging on his promises to me before I voted for him is unacceptable.  Pfeiffer is right, some folks will not be happy.  Including the removal of the “CPI” provision in social security and veteran’s benefits will greatly hurt both groups.

The majority or all income for many in these two groups is from the benefits we have already paid for.  For 47 years I and my employer paid into social security.  I can never recover the full amount, I won’t live long enough.  Because government squandered much of the money from the program to pay for earmarks is not my fault.  But, I’ll pay for it as usual.  The one thing guaranteed by our government is that the lowest wage earners pay the bills for everyone else.

Veterans and their families have suffered greatly, and, once again, the blame can be placed directly on our government.  They didn’t wage illegal and unnecessary wars, all they did was fight them, all too frequently losing life or limb.  We could never pay our brave military families enough money for their sacrifice.  The President, Senators, and Congressmen give continuous lip service to our finest, but there is no substance behind their words.

For over four years our dysfunctional government has existed on one premise.  Give the Republicans what they want.  Obama has capitulated on every issue he promised the middle and working class in his campaigns.  Republicans have a goal, to protect special interests and destroy further the quality of life for the 99%.

“What we’re looking for is what the president calls a caucus of common sense, folks who are willing to compromise and who understand that in divided government, both sides aren’t going to get everything they want,” Pfeiffer said told “Fox News Sunday.”

In a separate interview, Pfeiffer told ABC’s “This Week” that the White House sees an opening to work with rank-and-file lawmakers on a deal, perhaps bypassing the party’s leadership.

Pfeiffer used the word “leadership” in a very loose fashion.  Republicans have none, and Democrats are losing theirs.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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