Sequester force the FAA to make budget cuts

Sequester force the FAA to make budget cuts

Another Self-Serving Act By Congress

After passengers experienced a week of long flight delays at our major airports, furloughed air traffic controllers may be put back to work as early as tomorrow.

The “Sequester” force the FAA to make budget cuts.  Controllers were given a forced extra day off each month, resulting in a 10% cut in their numbers.

Thursday evening, the Senate voted unanimously to allow a re-allocation of funds to stop the furloughs.  Friday, the House voted 361-41 to secure the measure.

Wow!  Is Congress working?  Not really.  If the delays continued, our hard-working legislators might have experienced flight delays.  You see, they’re beginning a week-long vacation.  Their time is more valuable than everyone else’s.

Once again, when it affects them, they do something.  I understand it began to take place when Speaker of the House John Boehner suffered through and hour-and-a-half delay a couple of days ago.

And why are they going on vacation.  Have all of our Nation’s problems been repaired?  Have they fixed the budget?  Is Immigration Reform a done deal?  Have they accomplished negotiations to repair the tax code?  Has a sensible change been made in regards to guns in America?  (Never mind that last one.  America was for it, but they were against it.)

What a job.  Dozens of paid vacations a year, while only working 100, if that.  Good pay, excellent benefits, and an extraordinary retirement.  Not to mention huge incomes thanks to the lobbyists.  That’s the perks of being a professional politician.

On the other hand, professional lawmakers don’t receive anything.  We don’t have any.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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