Steve Martin having his first child at 67

Steve Martin having his first child at 67

Parenthood Becomes a Reality for Steve Martin

Steve Martin has played roles making him appear to be the “ultimate father”.  He struggled to meet the challenges of being a good parent in two “Father of the Bride”, and “Cheaper by the Dozen” movies, and of course the classic “Parenthood”.

In real life, Martin has never experienced Fatherhood.  That has all changed.  Steve Martin, 67, and his wife, Ann Stringfield, 41, have announced that they will be having their first child.  Details about the sex and delivery date have not been released.

Martin and Stringfield were married in 2007.  Unlike many of their Hollywood neighbors, they are a private pair.  A spokesman for the couple revealed that they have been “working” at having a child for some time.  The fact they have kept the secret for so long is surprising.  Friends guestimate that she became pregnant in December.

Martin will finally face the reality of dirty diapers and sleepless nights, and he will not have the luxury of a “re-take”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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