Tim Tebow a Patriot Fit?

Tim Tebow a Patriot Fit?

 Bill Belichick admits he has long been an admirer of Tim Tebow.  He spoke highly of him before the 2010 draft and visited Gillette Stadium.  Tebow played for one of his most trusted friends, Urban Meyer.

All legal obstacles for Tebow’s free agency are expected to be cleared by the end of Tuesday.  No one in the New England Patriots organization is talking about the possibility of the three year player joining the organization, but the thought is intriguing.

Tebow has stated that he wants to play quarterback.  With Tom Brady entrenched for years to come, it is an impossibility.  If he were to join the Patriots, he would certainly be required to make a position change.  Belichick is fond of athletes, and there is no doubt about Tebow’s athletic ability.

And there is a connection between offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Tebow.  McDaniels traded three picks to acquire him in the first round when he was head coach at Denver.  McDaniels has been influential in the Patriots’ addition of several players who were members of his former team.

He does have a solid offer from “The Omaha Beef”, a Nebraska indoor football league, who would pay him $75 a game.

He is also sought by the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.  They have offered him a chance to compete for the back-up quarterback position.

Two years ago the Heisman Trophy winner from Florida was the starting quarterback in a playoff game for the Denver Broncos.  Now his entire NFL career is in jeopardy.

Why did the New York Jets sign him?  As terrible as Mark Sanchez has been, they obviously had no definitive plan for Tebow in their organization.

Whether or not you are a Tebow fan, the young man has been treated unfairly.  A little honesty would have been the right thing to have given him earlier in his career.  Most football fans and experts doubted that he was NFL starting quarterback material.  His size and ability as a football player offered an opportunity to use him in several other ways.  Many great athletes have been converted to other positions.

Heinz Ward, who retired from the Steelers, was a quarterback in college.  He holds most receiving records for Pittsburgh, and will most likely have a bronze statue in Canton, Ohio, in the future.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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