US tourists raped on bus in Brazil while boyfriend forced to watch

US tourists raped while boyfriend force to watch in Brazil

America, Take Your Vacations Inside the United States

It’s not safe to travel in Mexico, the drug cartels will torture and kill you.  Women are not safe in India.  North Africa is off limits to all Americans with terrorists threatening to kill all who violate their soil.  Now Brazil appears to be lawless and a dangerous place to travel.

Rio de Janeiro will host matches in the 2014 World Cup, and the Olympics in 2016.  Brazil’s soccer teams are among the most competitive in the world.  However, an incident Saturday may keep fans away.

A man and a woman boarded a minibus in Copacabana beach district  yesterday.  Three men got on the bus after them.  These men forced other passengers off the bus after taking their credit cards.  The man was handcuffed and beaten while the men took turns repeatedly raping the woman.  This went on for 6 hours.  The couple were eventually dumped in Itaborai, a city about 30 miles from Rio de Janeiro.

Police swiftly arrested the three men, all between the ages of 20-22.  They are in custody.

The man and woman are Americans.  The victims are in the care of the United States Embassy.

The victim’s credit cards as well as those thrown off the minibus were found throughout the city.

The incident happened just after midnight when the couple was headed for Lapa, a popular downtown nightlife hotspot where Rio’s youth converges on clubs, bars and samba venues.  The victims told the police that the men took turns raping the woman, beating the man, and driving the minibus.  They are in their early 20’s.  They were able to positively identify their attackers.

Concerns are already being voiced about security during the World Cup and the Olympics.   “No one expects to be attacked in Disneyland, handcuffed and roughed up,” Globo newspaper quoted Alfredo Lopes, the head of an association representing Brazil’s hotel sector. “Copacabana is our Disneyland.”

During the 6 hour ordeal, the men drove to Rio’s sister city, Niteroi, across Guanabara Bay, where they went on a spending spree with the foreigners’ credit cards.  Once they spent the limit, they drove back to the couple’s hotel where they told her to get other credit cards.  Although she was alone, she feared calling for help while the men still had control of the man.

Lead police officer, Alexandre Braga, gave this statement to the press:

“The victims recognized the three without a shadow of a doubt,” Braga said. The men’s mug shots were also recognized by another woman who said she’d been raped by the three under similar circumstances last month. Another foreigner has said she’d been robbed by one of the three suspects, police said.

Two of the suspects have confessed to Saturday’s attack, while the third denies any responsibility.

“They do not show any repentance,” Braga said. “They are quite indifferent, cold.”

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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