Amanda Bynes busted for marijuana and disposal of bong


Amanda Bynes was busted by NYC police Thursday night on charges of marijuana possession, reckless endangerment, and felony tampering with evidence by trying to dispose of a bong by throwing it out of her Midtown apartment window, according to law enforcement sources.

Police found the pot when they responded to a call reporting a disorderly person at Bynes’ apartment building.

According to sources, explaining why the police were called, the former Nickelodeon child actress was behaving erratically doing things like talking to herself.

According to witnesses,  Amanda Bynes became belligerent towards the officers when they arrived. She allegedly began kicking and screaming during the arrest. She then yelled: “Don’t you know who I am?”

Officers who responded to the call and eventually arrested Bynes noted a “heavy” smell of marijuana and smoke inside the apartment.

It was when officers noticed  a bong inside the apartment as Bynes opened the door that the actress reportedly grabbed it and tossed it out of the window, according to the sources.

Sources stated that the doorman at Bynes’ building on West 47th Streeet called police to report she was smoking marijuana in the lobby. Bynes had left the lobby and had gone back to her apartment on the 36th floor by the time  officers arrived.

After the police arrested Amanda Bynes, she was taken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. According to sources, this was followed by a trip to a Midtown police station to be processed.

Unless her attornies can prevent it from happening, Bynes is expected to spend the night in Manhattan central booking. She will likely appear in court Friday.

The actress’s behavior has become increasingly bizarre and it has provided the fodder for tabloid scrutiny in recent months. Bynes is already under probation for the charge of driving with a suspended license. She was placed under three years probation after her lawyers secured a plea deal for her.

In addition, Bynes also has a DUI case that is pending in Beverly Hills, California.

Also, Bynes has allegedly been kicked out of various gyms for strange behavior in recent months. The last time this reportedly occurred, Bynes was kicked out for smoking pot in the women’s locker room.

This past September, Bynes moved from Los Angeles to New York. Although the move has kept her off the road, it hasn’t kept her out of trouble.

Despite her recent run-ins with the law and the move that was necessitated by them, Amanda Bynes has had a  successful career and she is a self-proclaimed millionaire.

Bynes has been outspoken in her denials of the allegations of her alarming behavior. She has also undertaken a Twitter campaign to respond to and deny the allegations and claims, though she has admitted to having had plastic surgery.

The actress has also admitted that she suffers from an eating disorder, and she has threatened to sue nearly every tabloid and magazine that has written about her.

Reportedly, Amanda Bynes’ family is very concerned about her well-being. However, because Amanda is an adult, there is little they can legally do to ensure she seeks help.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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