Amanda Bynes Voice Grumpy Cats?

Three reasons she should do it

Grumpy cat and Amanda Bynes
Internet meme, and all around hilarious cat who we all don’t love but adore, Grumpy Cat, is coming to a theatre near you.
He actually signed a movie contract, or better yet clawed, and pawed his way to a deal. There is now talk about who will give this grumpy hunk, of a cat his/her voice. Wouldn’t Amanda Bynes be an excellent choice? She’s grumpy most of the time and loves to lash out at people.

(Proof about that we saw plenty the past week. Amanda chewed the face off, figuratively on twitter of course, from none other than Jenny McCarthy, Rihanna and Courtney Love.) Grumpy Cat is famous for his notoriously grumpy out look on life, and the people who give him his incredibly funny voice through their comments.

Of course the comparison is quickly made between GC, and Garfield. Hopefully he won’t rip off Garfield completely. I already feel bad for the possible Odie in the story. Also, what is his favorite food going to be? Lasagna is already taken dear Sir. Maybe Miss Bynes could come up with a new addiction? (Food that is of course, everything is above board this time round.)

Tardar Sauce, because that’s his real name, is going to work together with Broken Road Productions. This production company is responsible for the movies ‘Zookeeper’, and ‘Jack and Jill’. No doubt it will be hilarious albeit with some easy puns. (For sure Amanda’s voice would be fabulous to give these jokes a great twist.)

Todd Garner wanted us to know: “Rare is an image that evokes that much comedy, You read all of the memes and the comments, and one is funnier than the next. We think we can build a big family comedy around this character.” He wants to commit to doing just that, together with partner Sean Robins.

Grumpy Cat is well on his way to becoming more famous than Amanda Bynes. Grumpy Cat shows up in random offices around the country, student dorms and was asked back in March to star in some webisodes with Friskies. A star, albeit extra Grumpy, has been born. Tardar Sauce does have a bone to pick with Lil Bub, a fellow famous feline. This ball of hair managed to snatch up; Best Feature Film in the Tribeca Film Festival’s online edition of the competition.

If Amanda Bynes would need some convincing, to become ,this darling of all internet memes; Grumpy Cat, then here is some convincing material;

grumpy cat hates you


Because let’s get real here, hasn’t this been Amanda’s mantra for the last few days, months maybe even years?

If you dare to do something that Miss Bynes doesn’t like, she calls you ugly.

Grumpy Cat takes the high road and actually gives a voice to the things that are troubling him.





amanda bynes apartment


Grumpy Cat totally gets you Amanda! He knows you don’t like to stumble outside, and if you do make it out of your apartment, without throwing vases, or bongs allegedly, you probably have a look through your strange mangled wig, and come to the same conclusion as Cat did here.






Do we need to say more about the picture below? Amanda? Grumpy Cat’s voice would be awesome  if done by Amanda Bynes. Especially if she can come up with some sordid comments of her own.

amanda bynes no pictures











What do you think? Should she do it?

By Georgina Pijttersen

source people pets


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