Atlanta: 32nd Annual Police Memorial

Atlanta: 32nd Annual Police Memorial

As many of you know, next week in our Nation’s Capitol, the Fraternal Order of Police will host the 32nd Annual Police Memorial Week May 12-16, 2013.

I will be traveling to Washington, D. C. on behalf of the Atlanta Police Department to participate in this event. As you all know, the Atlanta Police Dept lost 3 officers last year; Senior Police Officer Gail Thomas, Officer Richard Halford and Officer Shawn Smiley. These officers names will be placed on the National Police Memorial Wall. Three is a LOT for one department and I will be there to witness my brothers and my sister have their names placed there for making the ultimate sacrifice.

If you are sending any reporters to Washington, D. C. to cover these events, I will be available for interviews while I’m there. If you have sister stations there, which I’m sure you all do, I would be more than happy to speak with them as well.

I will arrive in Washington, D. C. on Monday, May 13th, 2013 shortly after 3pm and depart on Thursday around noon.

You can go to the following website to see the calendar of events for next week:

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